Digital Twins of the ocean : autogenerated 3D environments for validating offshore wind farm operations.

Carlos Pereira Santos, Harald Warmelink, M Courchesne

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Within the context of the Iliad project, the authors present technical challenges and the first results of having valid 3D scenes of (non-)existing offshore wind farms procedurally and automatically generated within either the Unreal or Unity game engine. The Iliad – Digital Twins of the Ocean project (EU Horizon 2020) aims to develop a ‘system of systems’ for creating cutting-edge digital twins of specific sea and ocean areas for diverse purposes related to their sustainable use and protection. One of the Iliad pilots addresses the topic of offshore floating wind farm construction or maintenance scenario testing and validation using the Unity 3D game engine. This work will speed up the development of these scenarios by procedurally and automatically creating the Unity 3D scene rather than manually (which is done at present). The main technical challenges concern the data-driven approach, in which a JSON configuration file drives the scene creation. The first results show a base wind farm running in Unreal 5.1. The final product will be able to handle environmental conditions, biological conditions, and specific human activities as input parameters.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 20 Oct 2023
EventBUILD-IT 2023 - Marconi room of the CNR headquarter, located in Piazzale Aldo Moro., Rome, Italy
Duration: 19 Oct 202320 Oct 2023


ConferenceBUILD-IT 2023
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  • ocean digital twin
  • procedural content generation
  • 3D scene generation
  • offshore wind farm
  • game engines


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