Zeeuws-Vlaamse kustverbinding (Coastal connection Zealand-Flanders)

Project: Research

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Client: Provincie Zeeland

This project, a feasibility study, ran from December 2013 until October 2014. The wish to extend the succesful Flemish coastal tram to the Dutch province of Zealand is an old one. Some ten years ago, this did not seem financially feasible for the governmental bodies involved. This project developed insight into the possibilities and feasibility of an attractive and functional, collective transport system along the North Sea coast between Breskens and Knokke, in order to give a boost to leisure, tourism, and related sectors in Belgium and The Netherlands. It looked into modern and future-proof transport modes over land and/or water that can offer the coastal region in Flanders and Zealand added value from a leisure-tourism perspective.

Effective start/end date1/12/1331/10/14


  • coastal tourism
  • tourism
  • leisure
  • CSTT
  • Centre for Sustainability, Tourism and Transport


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