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Create and test the effect of different audio and movement interactions on virtual museum experiences

A virtual museum was created in order to conduct research, specifically designed for the Samsung Gear VR. In the virtual environment there are interactive compositions the user can hear, and react to while seeing a virtual reality exposition of stunning Japanese paintings. The objective of the latest study was to find whether differences in audio (i.e., interactive or non‐interactive) and movement types (i.e., fixed or free) had an impact on the experience of presence for the user in a virtual environment that represents a museum. The audio variable is composed by and is researched on behalf of Musica Nova, a company that produces music for new forms of media. The results of this component illustrated that interactive music increases feelings of engagement and presence. As to the movement types in a virtual museum, users indicated that free movement caused for a more engaging virtual environment. The research was extended for research on different paintings (e.g. VanGogh).
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


  • Musica Nova


  • virtual reality
  • museums


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