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Value increase by design through the development of an international network in Visual Design

The VIVID project aimed to create a cross-border virtual network in the Visual Design sector, a sector that creatively translates communication into multimedia applications. This sector is constantly evolving and offers great economic potential for the 2 Seas area, using new media and technology to develop visual communication tools which are more efficient, more understandable and can also be applied internationally. That said, there are two main barriers preventing this sector from expanding in the 2 Seas area: its fragmentation and a brain drain. Of highly educated professionals towards the capitals (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Brussels). The VIVID partnership wants to cluster organisations and to strengthen the sector by: - Promoting cooperation and knowledge-exchange with the participating universities and higher education institutions for new applications in the visual design sector. - Stimulating creative entrepreneurship and supporting start-up businesses, especially young professionals. - Showcasing and profiling visual design to a wider audience, as well as the uses and applications of visual design in trade and industry.

Partners: AVANS University of Applied Sciences (NL), House of Visual Culture (NL), Strategic Project Organisation Kempen (BE), Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles (FR), Pictanovo (FR), Southampton Solent University (UK), Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge (UK) and the City of Breda (NL).
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/14


  • European Interreg IV A Programme “2 Mers Seas Zeeën”


  • visual design


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