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Breda University of Applied Sciences, Master Imagineering programme students and FHGR, University of Graubuenden, Chur, students from the Digital Business Management, Bachelor programme follow a joint module that has three specific virtual components of interaction: the Experience Design Course, he Ideation Block (Design Hackathon) and the Sustainability and Impact generation (Implementation phase). Further on the joint interaction consists of: joint online lectures and workshops (on a weekly basis); joint online assignments (on a bi-weekly basis) supported by meet-up’s and consultancy sessions and joint online collaborative creative sessions and presentations (regularly).

The content that the International Virtual Collaboration encompasses is: The VUCA world we are currently living in (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). Tools to innovate and flourish within and beyond VUCA; Experience and Transformation design through business and social canvas modeling; Innovation games and Appreciative Inquiry and Social and business impact generation and assessment.

The final joint output that the students (in groups) create (the project is running until mid-January 2023 and then analysis and data processing until March 2023) will be a design concept/model for a specific case/organization with strategic implementation plan and recommendation report.
Effective start/end date1/09/221/03/23


  • VIS - Virtuele Internationale Samenwerking in het Hoger Onderwijs


  • virtual international collaboration
  • strategic design practices for innovation


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