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VIRGiN reveals types of local & regional storytelling techniques that fit Virtual Reality based on research among journalists and professional and user generated VR concepts.
Within a context of an already complicated media strategy puzzle, Virtual Reality (VR) has entered the news domain. VR might be a new means to attract and engage audiences with news. However, hardly any tested local and regional VR news productions exist. This makes it unclear how to create local and regional VR news and how to implement this effectively inside the newsrooms. VIRGiN aims to reveal different types of local/regional news and storytelling techniques that are suitable for VR. Based on the creation and testing of newly developed, professional and user generated VR news productions, we want to learn about the benefits and thresholds of using VR as a means to reach and engage audiences with local and regional news stories.


Omroep Brabant
Breda Vandaag
Uitgeverij de Bode
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/20




  • journalism
  • storytelling
  • virtual reality


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