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Researching the enormous VINEX city expansion operations of 1995-2005. The research 'VINEXt' was launched in 2010 in response to an Open Call by the (then) Netherlands Architecture Fund. In VINEXt, we investigate the future-proofing of Vinex districts on a national scale. Using a number of future scenarios, four sample neighbourhoods are being studied to see where opportunities for development in the next 30 years lie or where threats may arise. The knowledge gained will be used to describe building blocks for the transformation of VINEX districts in general.

Societal Issue: Times change and so do the inhabitants of modern suburbs. But these neighbourhoods can not automatically absorb these changes - how to stay functional and attractive in a uncertain future?

Benefit to society: Working with scenarios provides insight in possible future demands and opportunities, and the extent to which the built environment of the Vinex areas can move with the tides of time.
Effective start/end date1/01/1129/03/13


  • urban design
  • scenario planning
  • vinex
  • vinex-wijken
  • urban development
  • sustainability


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