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For a number of years now, NGO Milieu Centraal has been running the website www⁠.klimaatwijsopreis.nl, which informs Dutch consumers about the climate impact of holidays and also allows them to calculate the climate impact of their own holiday. This calculator is based on, among other things, a number of calculation models and a series of emission factors for transport, accommodation, activities, and holiday types. These emission factors are subject to change and should be updated regularly. This project provides an update and substantiation of emission factors for a number of accommodation types, activities, and holiday types.

Societal issue
The contribution of holidays to climate change is substantial, depending on choices regarding transport, distance, accommodation, and activities.

Benefit to society
www⁠.klimaatwijsopreis.nl informs consumers about the climate impact of holidays, so they can make more informed choices. Up to date and sound emission factors enable giving the most accurate advice.
Effective start/end date1/01/2419/04/24


  • Milieu Centraal


  • carbon footprint
  • emission factor
  • accomodation
  • activity


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