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TRACES helps European museums identifying, developing and sharing know-how, competencies and skills required to develop and implement a digital strategy focused on audience development.

In an increasingly dynamic digital consumer context, most cultural sectors are lagging behind when it comes to catering to significant shifts in the way people experience, interact or share content. European museums do not all yet fully use the digital technologies available to close this digital gap. TRACES will bring together these museums in need of capacity building about ‘going digital’. In three cross-border workshops, we transfer knowledge and educate museum professionals, together with experts and students, in the deployment of innovative digital technologies to communicate and engage with new or existing audiences. Participants will have hands-on experience on (a) how to develop a digital strategy, (b) create digital stories and (c) integrate innovative media technologies. This project will give museums the necessary insights into how to adjust to the digital shift and will initiate the adaptation of the study programmes to the current need of digitisation in the cultural industries.


Thomas More
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/19


  • European Commission / Creative Europe


  • digital strategy
  • digital innovation
  • museums


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