Research study on Health tourism in the EU

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Client: European Parliament, Directorate General for Internal Policies, Policy Department B: Structural and Cohesion Policies, Transport and Tourism

This study defines and explores health tourism and its three main components: medical, wellness, and spa tourism. Health tourism comprises around 5% of general tourism in the EU28 and contributes approximately 0.3% to the EU economy. Health tourism has a much higher domestic share than general tourism does. Increasing the share of health tourism may reduce tourism seasonality, improve sustainability and labour quality, and may help to reduce health costs through prevention measures and decreased pharmaceutical consumption.

Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/17


  • European Parliament


  • Health tourism
  • Wellness
  • Spa tourism
  • CSTT
  • Centre for Sustainability, Tourism and Transport
  • EU
  • European Union


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