Pilot autonomous and electric delivery robot at BUas campus: LOWIE (LOgistiek op WIElen).

Project: Research

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In the autumn of 2020, an autonomous and electric delivery robot was deployed on the BUas campus for the distribution of goods. In addition to the actual field test of the robot, we conducted research into various aspects of autonomous delivery robots. In this contribution we discuss the test with the autonomous delivery robot itself, the adjustments we had to make because the campus was very quiet due to COVID-19 and therefore there was less to transport for the robot, and the perception of people. with regard to the delivery robot, on the possible future areas of application and on the learning experiences we have gained in the tests.
Effective start/end date1/05/2031/12/20


  • Logistics Community Brabant (LCB)
  • Regio West-Brabant


  • autonomous driving
  • delivery robot
  • field test
  • proof of concept
  • last mile


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