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The PANEURAMA project aims to address the mismatches between the output of HEI/VETs and the needs of the industry in the fields of animation, computer games and VFX. It consists of a network of HEIs and VETs in Europe as well as field-relevant industry partners, and is supported by a range of strong associated partners. The hope is to better prepare students and graduates for the emerging needs of their prospective careers, and in doing so building resilience into the European animation, gaming, and media arts sectors.

Societal Issue
Students that are insufficiently prepared for their working fields limit the creativity of the sector, are stressed in their workplaces, and create economic problems.

Benefit to society
Healthier cultural and creative sectors are a sign of a strong society, with benefits for mental health, cultural harmony, and positive economic impacts.
Effective start/end date27/09/231/09/26


  • Breda University of Applied Sciences


  • visual arts
  • animation
  • video games
  • videogames
  • education
  • bachelor
  • bachelors
  • master
  • masters
  • creativity
  • industry
  • research


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