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Nature areas in North-West Europe (NWE) face an increasing number of visitors (intensified by COVID-19) resulting in an increased pressure on nature, negative environmental impacts, higher management costs, and nuisance for local residents and visitors. The high share of car use exaggerates these impacts, including peak pressures. Furthermore, the almost exclusive access by car excludes disadvantaged people, specifically those without access to a car. At the same time, the urbanised character of NWE, its dense public transport network, well-developed tourism & recreation sector, and presence of shared mobility providers offers ample opportunities for more sustainable tourism.

Thus, MONA will stimulate sustainable tourism in and around nature areas in NWE which benefits nature, the environment, visitors, and the local economy. MONA will do so by encouraging a modal shift through facilitating sustainable transport modes, providing inclusive routing to and within nature areas, and nudging visitors and stakeholders towards more sustainable behaviour. These are the key solutions to manage visitor flows, reduce negative impacts, and stimulate inclusive access. 8 nature areas and 3 knowledge & dissemination partners work together to:

> Assess the impact of visitors & mobility on nature areas and develop strategies to reduce this impact>Jointly pilot solutions on the modal shift, routing and nudging

> Provide capacity building for stakeholders across NWENature areas, destination marketing organisations, tourism & mobility service providers, local and regional authorities and (potential) visitors of nature areas all benefit from the strategies and solutions for, and revenues of, sustainable tourism. MONA develops and promotes a mindset around sustainable tourism which is balanced, inclusive, and socially and environmentally sustainable. This is made possible by the projects’ multidisciplinary approach, for which the transnational partnership and expertise is essential.
Effective start/end date2/06/2331/12/27


  • Interreg North-West Europe


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