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Media ENriched Sport ExperienceS (MENSES) creates media enriched sport experiences by introducing innovative digital concepts that combine media entertainment and live sport content What would you do to increase the experience of a live sport event? Do you think it is needed? Would you start with the visitors of the live event or the people that attend the live event through media? Why not connect the live audience with the people watching it through a medium to create a better overall experience? Media ENriched Sport ExperienceS aims to help organisations to answer the question of how live and broadcasted sport experiences can be enriched by means of new digital strategies. By combining interaction, transformation and data enrichment, the mediated and live sport events could be turned into memorable sport experiences. With a multidisciplinary team of professionals and (over 300) students, which reflects on the media knowledge on the one hand and on the leisure and live events knowledge on the other hand, as well as the skills to measure experiences, 50 concepts will be created and tested.
Partners: VodafoneZIGGOCity of HilversumMediaPerspectivesUnitedBeeld & GeluidSailing Innovation CenterHuddersfield Town
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/20


  • City of Hilversum
  • Ziggo


  • digital concepts
  • sport events


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