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The capacity on the Northern ring road in Breda is approaching its limits. Due to planned spatial developments the ring road might even be under further pressure. Therefore the municipality of Breda is working on an action plan to deal with this task. This requires insight into the functioning of the Northern ring road, which has been achieved by combining the following data sources:

• Meetweken Breda 1st edition (GPS)
• Meetweken Breda 2nd edition (GPS)
• OViN
• License plate cameras (NRW)
• Counting data (NRW)
• Bluetooth data (NRW)
• Weather data (KNMI)

The results show that in comparison with other strongly urbanized cities, Breda is more oriented towards the car and less use is made of public transport and the bicycle. Particularly on short distances there is still potential to further increase bicycle usage.

In depth results can be found in the presentation, including information about: peak hours, the number of trips per person per day, the percentage of multimodal trips and the effect of rain on route choice.

By combining the insights from the different forms of data, additional insights and an overarching mobility picture emerge. In other words, the overall picture is more than the sum of the parts.
Effective start/end date1/10/1731/10/18


  • big data
  • mobility
  • GPS
  • GIS


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  • Meetweken Breda

    PP van de Coevering (Invited speaker), E Khademi (Invited speaker) & SJH Reulen (Invited speaker)

    9 Nov 2018

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