Maturity Model and Scan Zero Emission City Logistics

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Develop a maturity model based on a quick scan to see how far a (SME) company is in awareness / activities on sustainable logistics (and the direction to zero emission city logistics: ZECL ) and (if it is possible, because this is a 2nd model) how far governments are in their ZE zone planning. Based on the quick scan, companies receive appropriate information about their relevant policy and sustainability measures (including availability of e-vehicles, etc.). Tool can be used by students to quickly reach companies around ZECL and to provide them with information directly via the results. This helps and students learn about this subject, but should also contribute to awareness among a larger group of feeding/receiving and possibly loading parties about ZECL. In addition, with sufficiently participating companies, a good picture can also arise of how far companies are now with regard to ZECL (and this could also be repeated over time in order to get a picture of the development in maturity in this area).
Effective start/end date1/06/2130/11/21


  • Topsector Logistiek


  • zero emission
  • city logistics
  • maturity model


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