Mapping the investment risks of aviation dependency in the Dutch outbound tour operating sector

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Possibly, the aviation sector’s decarbonization challenge (see Dutch knowledge key in international climate study for tourism | CELTH) has profound implications for the ability of aviation-de-pendent outbound tour operators to attract capital and with that their ability to maintain or trans-form their current business portfolio (understood here as the current product offers and approximate carbon footprints, business models, and ownership structures present in this economic do-main)⁠. Knowledge about these (possible) investment risks and their business and policy implications is lacking⁠. This project therefore addresses this knowledge gap by means of the following research questions⁠.

1⁠. What is the current business portfolio of Dutch outbound tour operators?

a⁠. To what extend do Dutch outbound tour operators depend on aviation in terms of product offer and turnover?
b⁠. What is the relative carbon footprint share of aviation-based products compared to the total outbound product offer and turnover of Dutch outbound tour operators?

2⁠. What are investment risks of this business portfolio as indicated by investors?

a⁠. How do investors evaluate investment risks in relation to climate change mitigation and de-carbonisation?
b⁠. What are investment risks of the business portfolio of Dutch outbound tour operators?
c⁠. What are the reflections on and implications of these investment risks from the perspective of policymakers and tour operators?

Effective start/end date8/05/2331/10/23




  • aviation -dependency
  • outbound tour operators
  • climate change
  • stranded assets


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