Landelijke synergie bij hogescholen in onderzoek en onderwijs rond stedelijke logistiek.

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A number of universities of applied sciences do a lot of research in the field of sustainable last mile logistics. Collaboration and coordination take place through joint projects or through seminars. However, this collaboration could be more structured so that researchers can always take full advantage of each other's knowledge and are not dependent on having or not having joint projects or seminars. This also concerns the question of how these studies can gain extra added value through joint programming (this can partly be done in the development of a tool/benchmark, see previous point), but also in having and getting research and knowledge from the different regions. Within the new research agenda of the Logistics Knowledge Agreement (the lectors platform of the CoE KennisDC Logistics), urban logistics has been named as one of the four core themes on which the involved universities of applied sciences want to collaborate across regions. In addition, there is only limited cooperation in the field of education around the theme of “urban logistics”. Students who want to graduate in urban logistics or do internships must therefore first learn a lot.

Effective start/end date1/06/2031/10/20


  • Topsector Logistiek


  • city logistics
  • education
  • applied research


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