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INCLAVI will address the skills mismatches that exist in the aviation sector related to the freedom of movement of persons with disabilities and accessibility requirements in line with the EC Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030.

The project accomplishes this through rigorous cooperation between key global industry and labour market actors combined with a world-class HEI and VET consortium. INCLAVI will also further improve the collaboration between HEIs and VET.

INCLAVI will design and co-create a new training curriculum utilising expertise from HEI, VET and Industry Actors to support the reskilling of aviation sector employees and key target groups who have a role in the passenger journey of PwDs from door to door. The training will address students and professionals in areas of work related to travel agencies, airports, and airlines.
Effective start/end date1/09/221/09/25


  • European Union


  • inclusive tourism
  • aviation
  • learning
  • human capital
  • persons with disabilities


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