Impacts of climate change on Norwegian nature based tourism (CLIM-TOUR)

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Client: Norwegian Research Council, subcontracted by Vestlandsforsking (Western Norway Research Institute)

The overarching aim of the project is to enable the nature based tourism industry in Norway a sustainable adaptation to climate change. The sub-objectives are to:

(1) assess climate change consequences for weather conditions critical to the nature based tourism industry;
(2) assess climate change consequences for selected ecosystem services and physical infrastructure critical to the nature based tourism industry;
(3) develop climate change adaptation strategies for the involved user-partners; and
(4) develop climate services that can support the tourism industry in comprehending impacts of climate change and developing adaptation strategies and measures.

CSTT will develop a serious simulation -based game for destinations in Norway that will help destination management to explore policy measures to adapt to climate change, and to climate mitigation policies. The game will be played at a stakeholder workshop, conducting the simulation game in one game playing sessions per case (all research partners listed above take part).

Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/21


  • Research council of Norway


  • tourism
  • climate change
  • CSTT
  • Centre for Sustainability, Tourism and Transport
  • Norway


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