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In this project we utilize the conversational model of delivering destination information as an experimental intervention to provide tips to a sub-group of visitor participants in one specific destination, Overijssel. By contrasting the experience of this group to a randomly assigned control group will be able to test the effectiveness of hyper-personalized information. Furthermore, we will investigate the effectiveness of integrating, in the tips provided, the policy of the DMO to direct visitors to certain places while reducing the pressure on others. For this variable as well––policy-driven vs. demand-driven information sources––random assignment to test and control groups will allow us to draw conclusions about causes of differences in tourist behavior and experience.

The main question is: Does the conversational information model, as exemplified by Travel with Zoey, create the possibility to direct people to the places destination managers would like them to go, while assuring they benefit equally––or even more–from their travel experience?

Partners: NBTC, Marketing Oost, Travel With Zoey.

Effective start/end date28/04/2130/11/21


  • Data and Development Lab Bestemming Nederland (NBTC/CBS/CELTH)


  • tourist experience
  • social impacts
  • destination management
  • overtourism
  • tourist information


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