DIGIREAL-XL Research, Development and Innovation Center on Digital Realities for Societal-Economic Impact.

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The objective of DIGIREAL-XL is to build a Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) Center (SPRONG GROUP, level 4) on
Digital Realities (DR) for Societal-Economic Impact. DR are intelligent, interactive, and immersive digital environments that
seamlessly integrate Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Modelling-Simulation, and Visualization by using Game
and Media Technologies (Game platforms/VR/AR/MR). Examples of these DR disruptive innovations can be seen in many
domains, such as in the entertainment and service industries (Digital Humans); in the entertainment, leisure, learning, and
culture domain (Virtual Museums and Music festivals) and within the decision making and spatial planning domain (Digital
Twins). There are many well-recognized innovations in each of the enabling technologies (Data, AI,V/AR).

However, DIGIREAL-XL goes beyond these disconnected state-of-the-art developments and technologies in its focus on DR as an integrated socio-technical concept. This requires pre-commercial, interdisciplinary RD&I, in cross-sectoral and
inter-organizational networks. There is a need for integrating theories, methodologies, smart tools, and cross-disciplinary
field labs for the effective and efficient design and production of DR. In doing so, DIGIREAL-XL addresses the challenges
formulated under the KIA-Enabling Technologies / Key Methodologies for sectoral and societal transformation.

BUas (lead partner) and FONTYS built a SPRONG group level 4 based on four pillars: RD&I-Program, Field Labs, Lab-Infrastructure, and Organizational Excellence Program. This provides a solid foundation to initiate and execute challenging, externally funded RD&I projects with partners in SPRONG stage one ('21-'25) and beyond (until' 29). DIGIREAL-XL is organized in a coherent set of Work Packages with clear objectives, tasks, deliverables, and milestones. The SPRONG group is well-positioned within the emerging MINDLABS Interactive Technologies eco-system and strengthens the regional (North-Brabant) digitalization agenda. Field labs on DR work with support and co-funding by many network organizations such as Digishape and Chronosphere and public, private, and societal organizations
Effective start/end date1/12/2130/11/25


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