Data-Driven, Integrated, Syncromodal, Collaborative And Optimised (DISCO) Urban Freight Eco-System For Smart Planning And Decision Making In Multipurpose And Digital European District.

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DISCO aims at fast-tracking upscaling to new generation of urban logistics and smart planning unblocking the transition to decarbonised and digital cities, delivering innovative frameworks and tools, Physical Internet (PI) inspired. To this scope, DISCO will deploy and demonstrate innovative and inclusive urban logistics and planning solutions for dynamic space re-allocation integrating urban freight at local level, within efficiently operated network-of-networks (PI) where the nodes and infrastructure are fixed and mobile based on throughput demands. Solutions are co-designed with the urban logistics community – e.g., cities, logistics service providers, retailers, real estate/public and private infrastructure owners, fleet owners, transport operators, research community, civil society - all together moving a paradigm change from sprawl to data driven, zero-emission and nearby-delivery-based models.
Effective start/end date1/05/231/12/26


  • European Commission


  • physical nternet
  • zero-emission
  • city logistics
  • data driven
  • digital twin


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