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Over the last couple of years there is a growing interest in the role of the bicycle in Western urban transport systems as an alternative to car use. Cycling not only has positive environmental impacts, but also positive health effects through increased physical activity. From the observation of the Urban Intelligence team that cycling data and information was limited, we have started the development of cycleprint. Cycleprint stands for Cycle Policy Renewal and INnovation by means of tracking Technology with the objective to enable more customer friendly cycle policy.

The initial objective of Cycleprint was to translate GPS data into policy relevant insights to enable customer friendly cycle policy. The online toolkit what Cycleprint has become, answers the questions about:

-route choice
-delays at intersections

Because of the success of Cycleprint in the Netherlands the range of features is still under development. As a result of the development of Cycleprint the Dutch organized the fietstelweek. In addition to Cycleprint the Urban Intelligence team developed the cyclescan to explore the effects of cycle network enhancement. The project is developed in direct collaboration with the Provincie Noord-Brabant and Metropoolregio Eindhoven to fulfill the ambition to become cycling region of the Netherlands in 2020.
Effective start/end date1/06/12 → …


  • cycling
  • cycle policy
  • tracking technology
  • GPS


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