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The Netherlands has approximately 220,000 industrial accidents per year (with 60 people who die). That is why every employer is obliged to organize company emergency response (BHV), including emergency response training. Despite this, only one-third of all companies map out their occupational risks via a Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) and the share of employees with an occupational accident remains high. That is why there is continuous innovation to optimize emergency response training, for example by means of Virtual Reality (VR). VR is not new, but it has evolved and become more affordable. VR offers the possibility to develop safe realistic emergency response simulations where the student has the feeling that they are really there. Despite the increase in VR-BHV training, little research has been done on the effect of VR in ER training and results are contradictory.

In addition, there are new technological developments that make it possible to measure viewing behavior in VR using Eye-Tracking. During an emergency response training, Eye-Tracking can be used to measure how an instruction is followed, whether students are distracted and observe important elements (danger and solutions) during the simulation. However, emergency response training with VR and Eye-Tracking (interactions) does not exist. In this project, a prototype is being developed in which Eye-Tracking is incorporated into a VR-BHV training that was developed in 2021, in which emergency situations such as an office fire are simulated (the BHVR application). The prototype will be tested by means of an experiment in order to partly answer the question to what extent and in what way Eye-Tracking in VR offers added value for (RI&E) emergency response training. This project is therefore in line with the mission-driven innovation policy 'The Safety Professional' and helps SMEs that often lack resources and knowledge for research into the effectiveness of innovative technologies in education/training.

The project will include a prototype, a production report and research article, and is open to new participants when writing a larger application about the application and effect of VR and Eye-Tracking in emergency response training.
Effective start/end date1/10/211/12/23




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