CIVITAS MUSE : Mobility for Urban Sustainability and the Environment CIVITAS 2030 Coordination and Support Action: Sustainable and Smart Mobility for All

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MUSE supports the CIVITAS Community to increase its impact on urban mobility policy making and advance it to a higher level of knowledge, exchange, and sustainability.

As the current Coordination and Support Action for the CIVITAS Initiative, MUSE primarily engages in support activities to boost the impact of CIVITAS Community activities on sustainable urban mobility policy.

Its main objectives are to:

- Act as a destination for knowledge developed by the CIVITAS Community over the past twenty years.
- Expand and strengthen relationships between cities and stakeholders at all levels.
- Support the enrichment of the wider urban mobility community by providing learning opportunities.

Through these goals, the CIVITAS Initiative strives to support the mobility and transport goals of the European Commission, and in turn those in the European Green Deal.

Breda University of Applied Sciences is the task leader of Task 7.3: Exploitation of the Mobility Educational Network and Task 7.4: Mobility Powered by Youth Facilitation.
Effective start/end date1/05/231/04/27


  • European Union


  • MUSE
  • sustainable mobility
  • Coordination and Support Action


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