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Creating and testing the first Brand Segmentation Model in Augmented Reality using Microsoft Hololens.

Sanoma together with SAMR launched an online brand segmentation tool based on large scale research, The brand model uses several brand values divided over three axes. However they cannot be displayed clearly in a 2D model. The space of BSR Quality Planner can be seen as a 3-dimensional meaningful space that is defined by the terms used to typify the brands. The third axis concerns a behaviour-based dimension: from ‘quirky behaviour’ to ‘standardadjusted behaviour’ (respectful, tolerant, solidarity). ‘Virtual/augmented reality’ does make it possible to clearly display (and experience) 3D. The Academy for Digital Entertainment (ADE) of Breda University of Applied Sciences has created the BSR Quality Planner in Virtual Reality – as a hologram. It’s the world’s first segmentation model in AR. Breda University of Applied Sciences (professorship Digital Media Concepts) has deployed hologram technology in order to use and demonstrate the planning tool in 3D. The Microsoft HoloLens can be used to experience the model in 3D while the user still sees the actual surroundings (unlike VR, with AR the space in which the user is active remains visible). The HoloLens is wireless, so the user can easily walk around the hologram. The device is operated using finger gestures, eye movements or voice commands. On a computer screen, other people who are present can watch along with the user. Research showed the added value of the AR model.


Sanoma Media
MarketResponse (SAMR)
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/19


  • Sanoma Media


  • virtual reality
  • augmented reality


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