Accessible tourism and hospitality

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In the Netherlands approximately 2 million inhabitants have one or more disabilities. However, just like most people they like to travel and go on holiday.

In this project we have explored the customer journey of people with disabilities and their families to understand their challenges and solutions (in preparing) to travel. To get an understanding what ‘all-inclusive’ tourism would mean, this included an analysis of information needs and booking behavior; traveling by train, airplane, boat or car; organizing medical care and; the design of hotels and other accommodations. The outcomes were presented to members of ANVR and NBAV to help them design tourism and hospitality experiences or all.
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/19


  • Reiswerk
  • ANVR
  • Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH )


  • tourism
  • hospitality
  • disabilities
  • all-inclusive tourism


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