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Developing and testing several AR and VR concepts for SAMSUNG (Benelux)

Samsung and Breda University of Applied Sciences decided to work together on developing and testing several new digital media concepts with a focus on VR and gaming. This collaboration has led to several innovative projects and concepts, among others: the organisation of the first Samsung VR jam in which game and media students developed new concepts for SAMSUNG GEAR in 24 hours, the pre-development of a VR therapy concept (Fear of Love) created by CaptainVR, the Samsung Industry Case in which students developed new concepts for SAMSUNG GEAR (wearables), the IGAD VR game pitch where over 15 VR game concepts were created for SAMSUNG VR GEAR and numerous projects in which VR concepts are developed and created using new SAMSUNG technologies. Currently we are co-developing new digital HRM solutions.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/16




  • virtual reality
  • augmented reality


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