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    Peter van der Aalst (1967) is manager of studies at Academy for Leisure at Breda University of Applied Sciences. This academy hosts 4 degree programmes; a professional Leisure & Events Management programme (with specializations in Attractions & Theme Parks, in Cultural Venues, in Social Innovation and in Events), a professional master in Imagineering and a scientific bachelor and master programme in Leisure Studies.

    Next to his position at BUas Peter is a member of the DJ City Breda network. Via his own company ‘Grote Woorden’ Peter writes business plans & large subsidy applications for the (popular) cultural sector (i.e. 013 Popvenue Tilburg, WOOHAH! Festival, Kovacs, Roadburn Festival). In the past he was a marketing manager at Effenaar Popvenue Eindhoven, manager of innovations at Vrijetijdshuis Brabant and lecturing and researching topics like creative industries, creative clusters and cultural and creative policies.


    Creative industries, events, festivals, popular culture & pop industry, dance industry, leisure & urban development.


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