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Debbie Dermout, MSc

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    Debbie is academy director for the domains Logistics and Built Environment at Breda University of Applied Sciences. In her work Debbie focusses on the importance of change and innovation in the area of education and knowledge development. The only way to educate students for the future industry is to ensure being on the cutting edge of the developments.

    She studied Management Engineering and has been a consultant in the Logistics industry during the first part of her career. After making the switch to Education, she has been involved in all aspects of the organization: teaching in the field of change management and logistics, project manager for some large knowledge development projects on cooperation within the industry, management of the educational programme of Built Environment and now academy director.

    Her ambition is to truly create an ecosystem in which industry, knowledge development and education go hand in hand, ensuring the education that will bring forth the top professionals for the future.


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