Serious Games, Innovation & Society

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    Mgr. Hopmansstraat 1, Frontier building

    4817 JT Breda


Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The professorship of Serious Games, Innovation & Society focuses on serious games for professional learning, team performance, organisational change, and the management of complex systems. Research methods include serious game design and engineering, evaluation and impact research, case studies, sector studies and field labs.

Application areas

Keys of areas expertise

  • Digital Humans (Avatars) – highly realistic digital characters for natural interaction in entertainment and learning environments (VIBE, EPIC)
  • Organisation & Management in a Digital Society: entrepreneurship, management, strategy, leadership, and change (organizational resilience in the creative industries)
  • Digital Twins for spatial planning support and complex decision-making – data-driven, intelligent, digital replicas of real-world organisations or systems (MSP Challenge, ILIAD – digital twin of the ocean)

The professorship is one of the pilars of the cross-academy R&D programme on Digital Realities and closely linked to the professorships of Creative and Entertainment Games and Digital Media Concepts.

In the Cradle Lab, state-of-the-art entertainment games, serious games and digital media innovations are designed and developed.

We work in national and international R&D consortia on a large portfolio of challenging R&D projects funded by NWO, RAAK-SIA, H2020 and Horizon Europe, EU-Green Deal, Creative Europe, Interreg, and Erasmus+. We are active partners in innovation ecosystems such as MindLabs and Digishape

The research team:

  • Igor Mayer
  • Harald Warmelink
  • Jessika Weber
  • Carlos Santos
  • Magali Goncalves
  • Bram Heijligers


Research staff and students of AGM / CRADLE have a passion to design, engineer and innovate. This is highly complementary to applied scientific research on the one hand, and business and societal interests on the other. In the CRADLE R&D Lab, the next generation of digital realities is designed and created – the integration of geodata and big data, models, and simulations with artificial intelligence, advanced game technology, V/AR and playful interactions. 

Photogrammetry Studio

The Photogrammetry Studio is one of the few high-quality photogrammetry facilities for facial scanning in the Netherlands, and certainly in the region.