Desk research of 107 case studies on state-of-the-art of cultural tourism interventions.

  • S Moretti (Data Collector)
  • Ko Koens (Data Collector)
  • Licia Calvi (Data Collector)
  • A Mandić (Data Collector)
  • B Škrabić (Data Collector)
  • S Pivčević (Data Collector)
  • L Petrić (Data Collector)
  • J Grgić (Data Collector)
  • B Šimundić (Data Collector)
  • D Mikulić (Data Collector)
  • V Muštra (Data Collector)
  • B Neuts (Data Collector)
  • D Van Bragt (Data Collector)
  • Jennifer von Zumbusch (Data Collector)
  • Xavier Matteucci (Data Collector)
  • H Li (Data Collector)
  • E Tauch (Data Collector)
  • M Lüthje (Data Collector)
  • C Fidelbo (Data Collector)
  • N Camatti (Data Collector)
  • L Zecchin (Data Collector)
  • D Bertocchi (Data Collector)



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