The pleasures of paperless Erasmus: two case studies (Article on

  • Virginia van der Ster - van der Wel
  • K Torp Skogedal
  • S Jahnke

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    Period5 Nov 2019

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleThe pleasures of paperless Erasmus: two case studies.
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      DescriptionWith the European Commission’s announcement that Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) will be mandatory starting with the new Erasmus programme, the time to get started is now – but many institutions are wondering how to digitise their Erasmus processes and just how difficult the transition will be. To illustrate a couple different examples of just how rewarding it can be to go paperless, we offer two case studies of institutions that have recently taken the leap.
      PersonsVirginia van der Ster - van der Wel, K Torp Skogedal, S Jahnke


    • mobility
    • Erasmus
    • digitalization
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