TIP Trailer Services

  • HCGM Hopstaken (Visiting lecturer)
  • IM Meeuwesen (Visiting lecturer)

Activity: Visiting an external institutionVisiting a non-academic institution/organisation/company


Being appointed as a student coach for two talented 3rd year students in their second internships @ TIP Trailer Services France, brought us to the beautiful Dourges, in the North of France on Thursday 4 April, 2019.
On that day, the official inauguration of a brand-new facility took place, a safe and secured parking place for 140 truck-/trailer combinations with a maintenance workshop, tyre center and all kinds of other facilities for truck drivers, such as bathrooms, rest rooms and restaurants. Delta Park Dourges is the first in its kind in Europe, at least of this size and number of utilities. When a truckdriver is obliged to take a rest, the truck can be repaired or maintained for better performance, tyres can be changed if necessary and all is happening in a safe and secured location. Cameras and day-/night light lamps, fencing and fulltime safety guards make sure, that materials, equipment and persons are absolutely safe.
In times where full truck loads with cigarettes, liquor and consumer electronics get stolen, truck drivers are robbed of their possessions, representing millions of euros every year, these kind of initiatives are an absolute must for the industry and are likely to be copied to other locations in Europe. We were very happy to represent BUas UDLM in this inauguration event. No wonder, BUas is more and more where it’s happening…!
Period4 Apr 2019
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