DIGIREAL lunchmeeting 7: AI chatbots en deepfakes.

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This seventh online lunch meeting is all about chatbots and deepfakes. Topics that are extremely relevant to society, businesses and research at this time. Because what happens when chatbots and deepfakes are developed based on public data, and "real" can no longer be distinguished from "fake"?

With a customer base that includes the NPO, the municipality of Tilburg and Stanford University, Genius Voice is known for building an AI chatbot that actually answers your questions. Until a year ago, chatbots often worked poorly because we had to tell the bot what to answer in certain situations. With the advent of ChatGPT and other great language models, this has changed radically. Founder Luuk van Hoogstraten covers a number of practical cases and explains what the bot can already do, what it still needs to learn and how this could enable conversational virtual humans in the future. This offers opportunities in education, customer service and efficiency, but there are also risks.

Niels van der Burg, of Fontys ICT, shows how virtual newsreaders can contribute to journalism. He also explains how to use 'scraping' to create deepfakes of real people based on public information. What is the current status of this and what opportunities and ethical risks does it bring? This lecture will delve deeper into it.
Period10 Oct 2023
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  • AI chatbots
  • deepfakes